The study of all things Tea related!  Dive into the wonderful world of Tea in this section of the website with information on its history, how it's made and why it's so good for us.

Ethically Traded Tea

Learn how we only use Tea that is ethically sourced from farms that engage in socially responsible, sustainable activities.

History of Tea

A long and complex story spreading across multiple cultures over the span of thousands of years.

Bush to Beverage

Understand the different ways tea is harvested, processed and sold to give us the wide variety of blends and formats that we have on the market today.

Tea Preparation & Tips

We bring you the various ways teas can be made and some tips to make sure each cup you pour is perfect.

Health Benefits of Tea

Tea has long since been known for its health benefits, learn about how people have been drinking tea for medicinal purposes since 2737 BC.

Tea Glossary

A comprehensive list of terms used to describe the taste and body of tea.  Impress your friends with some of these fancy words next time you're over having a cuppa or out having a sociable cup of cha!