Fixx Coffee

Risky and outspoken, Fixx is an award winning blend of Sumatran, Ethiopian and Brazilian beans that is perfectly balanced to tease and tantalise the palate with its smooth, creamy and pleasantly spicy sensations.

Cafe De Cuba

Cafe de Cuba is the area of our business dedicated to Cuban coffees, some of the finest and most sought-after coffees in the world.  In addition to the popular Cuban brands of Cubita, Turquino and Serrano we have also created our own premium Cuban/Brazilian blend - Santiago.

Cha Tea

Cha Teas are handpicked and sourced from single estates at the foothills of the Himalayas. All our Cha Teas are Organic and certified by the EU Regulatory Authorities

Really Good Organic Coffee

Really Good Organic Coffee by Hancock & Abberton is a single origin coffee sourced from small Peruvian farms of less than 2 hectares in size. In order to attain international organic certification coffee production must respect natural systems and cycles and prioritise sustainable production practises.  Farmers must adhere to stricy rules regarding environmental protection, biodiversity and animal welfare.

Really Good Organic Coffee