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Our Limited Edition Coffees 

All of our Limited Edition Coffees are speciality coffees.
Speciality coffee is defined as a crafted quality coffee-based beverage, which is judged by the consumer (in a limited marketplace at a given time) to have a unique quality, a distinct taste and personality different from, and superior to, the common coffee beverages.

Exceptional variety:  By sourcing these single origin treasures from the obvious coffee producing nations such as Kenya to the more obscure producing nations like East Timor, we can promise some wonderful  surprising discoveries.

Exceptional high standards:  Speciality coffee is based on coffee beans that have been grown in  accurately defined areas, and which meet the highest standards for the green coffee crop and harvest, for the manner in which the coffee is transported, roasted and stored prior to dispatch.  Finally its over to you the consumer as to how it is brewed.

Exceptional quality:  To be a speciality coffee the Speciality Coffee Association dictates that when a coffee receives a score of 80 or above on the Q Grader scale it is considered speciality. (A Q grader is a professional coffee cupper/taster who has successfully passed the CQI's Q Grader Certification and earned a certificate as a Licensed Q Grader.)

Exceptional demand:  These batch runs are LIMITED and  will sell out - so get your order in. Each coffee will be accompanied with  the provenance, tasting notes and blend profile.

  • Receive a different coffee direct to your door (office or home) each month

  • Save between 10% and 20%

  • With the Limited Edition Subscription, you will receive unique origins, artisan roasted coffee from around the world

  • Educate yourself and your palate with information on each region, coffee varietal, roast profile and tasting notes

  • Take the hassle out of re-ordering with just one purchase, one payment and we'll remember so you don't have to!  You can have a regular coffee supply for up to one year - with three, six or twelve bags of freshly roasted coffee 

Step 1: Choose your coffee format - beans or ground 

Step 2: Choose your subscription length - three, six or twelve months 

Step 3: Make one payment, sit back and relax as we send you a 250g bag of coffee each month

Please note all prices quoted for Coffee Subscriptions are inclusive of shipping.  Coffee will be dispatched by a shipping method of our choice based on the most cost effective method for your region, irrespective of delivery method chosen in shopping cart. 

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