Deaf Coffee Great Taste Award Winner 2016

Decaf Coffee Roasted Beans 250g

Award Winner of One Gold Star in the Great Taste Awards 2016

"A deep satisfying flavour, with good length. Well balanced bitterness and acidity with a refreshing aftertaste. A very good balance, gentle on the palate but nevertheless has depth. A good even roast with delicate floral notes. An excellent coffee of its type". 
Great Taste Judges Comments 2016

Ideal for the coffee enthusiast who likes to freshly grind their coffee before brewing.  Perfect for use in a household grinder or bean to cup machine in the office.  For the restaurant or cafe owner who doesn't have a second grinder, we are happy to pre-grind to order.

Good coffee flavour needn't be compromised by decaffeination. Coffee contains over 400 compounds important to the taste and aromas of the final drink so it's important to remove only caffeine while leaving everything else unchanged.

This balanced coffee, with slightly fruity citrus notes performs very well as an espresso coffee and filter coffee with or without milk.


  • Roast: Dark
  • Size: 250 gram
  • Format: Whole roasted beans
  • 100% Arabica beans
  • Ethically sourced from farms dedicated to natural methods of cultivation


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