Decaf Coffee

There is a common misconception that decaf coffee is inferior to caffeinated coffee. We disagree! Caffeine is virtually tasteless so coffee only tastes noticeably different if any of the other elements that contribute to its flavour are taken out along with the caffeine. We don’t do that. Good coffee flavour needn’t be compromised by decaffeination and although ours is 99.9% caffeine free in order to meet with EU standards, it’s still 100% delicious!

Award Winner of One Gold Star in the Great Taste Awards 2016.  Described by the Great Taste judges as a coffee with "a deep satisfying flavour, with good length. Well balanced bitterness and acidity with a refreshing aftertaste. A very good balance, gentle on the palate but nevertheless has depth. A good even roast with delicate floral notes. An excellent coffee of its type".