About Us

Guy Hancock and Anne Abberton co founded Café de Cuba in 2004.  The name when translated from Spanish into English simply means Cuban Coffee.

Cuban Coffees are much sought after and recognised for their quality and unique taste profiles.  Café de Cuba secured the exclusive distribution rights for all export brands of Cuban coffee for the Irish and the UK markets.

The awareness created by Café de Cuba for Cuban Coffee meant that demand for coffee was often greater than the supply available from Cuba.   However we did not let this stop our journey as we were now completely passionate about coffee and enjoyed the coffee business.  We made the decision to create our own coffee blends and source coffees from other origins in addition to Cuba.   Our first house brand Café de Cuba Santiago was launched at Harrods of London.

As the company developed, our business now consisted of so much more than Cuban Coffee and a name change was necessary to avoid confusion in the market place.   We decided on Hancock & Abberton as the new company identity.

Hancock & Abberton retain the exclusive distribution rights for Cuban Coffee and it remains an integral part of what we offer.  We have held onto the name Cafe de Cuba and it is now refers to the division of our business that is dedicated to all the Cuban Coffee brands that we carry.  In addition we have embraced the growth in the speciality tea market and our portfolio now consists of award winning brands of coffees and teas. 

Our customers are the lifeblood of the business.  Hancock & Abberton create long term relationships by being responsive, relevant and by consistently delivering value, education and excellent service.

Hancock & Abberton supply brands of distinction to:­-

  • Trade customers such as cafes, hotels, restaurants, offices, showrooms and speciality retail outlets
  • Coffee and Tea drinkers who frequent our trade customers’ outlets
  • Coffee and Tea drinkers at home via our on line store

At Hancock & Abberton we have a passion for our products that we believe can be extended to the end consumer. It is essential that we pass on our knowledge and enthusiasm so that coffee and tea drinkers can understand, appreciate and enjoy our brands of distinction.

Guy Hancock

Founder of the Decent Cigar Company in 1992, Guy has built the business to be the largest distributor of premium cigars in Ireland. There are many parallels in the premium cigar and specialist coffee and tea business.  Guys’ experience of working with Cuban suppliers proved invaluable at the time of start up.  Although not involved in the day to day operations, Guy remains a director and plays a key role in planning the company’s future growth.

Anne Abberton

A business graduate with 20 years experience in the travel and hospitality industries, Anne spent much of her working career in coffee growing nations and in countries with strong coffee cultures, so her love for the beverage began very organically.  An opportunity arose in 2004 with the opening of the Cuban Embassy in Ireland.  Focus was on the creation of trade between both countries and Anne successfully secured the importation and distribution rights for Cuban Coffee.  Time was then spent at the London School of Coffee where Anne immersed herself in learning about coffee.  The addition of speciality teas to the product portfolio means that the learning, understanding and appreciation continues.  With natural products such as coffee and tea there is always something new to learn, which keeps the passion and interest alive.  As Managing Director of Hancock & Abberton, Anne has surrounded herself with a strong team and is firmly focused on continuing to bring the finest quality beverages and service to the discerning consumer.