Welcome to coffee school!  This is where you can find out all you need to know about coffee, where it grows, how it is processed and the journey it takes from cherry bean to your coffee cup.  We've also included tips, hints and recipes on how to make the perfect or most wacky cup of coffee and a set of explanations as to what different terms mean when we talk about coffee and it's characteristics.

Ethically Traded Coffee

At Hancock & Abberton sourcing ethically traded and sustainable coffee is an important part of our company ethos.  Learn how we put this value into practice.

History of Coffee

From the Ethiopian mountains thousands of years ago to the explosion of coffee plantations across the Americas in the 18th century, read coffees colourful history over the centuries.

Coffee Crop to Coffee Cup

If a coffee bean could talk, it would have a wonderful story to tell as it makes it's way from a coffee plant high in a tropical region to the coffee cup on your desk.

Coffee Preparation & Tips

This is the fun bit! Where we explain how to make a great cup of coffee and encourage you to experiment with some unusual recipes and tips.

Health Benefits of Coffee

Essential reading - why is coffee good for us? Discover all the wonderful things that a regular coffee consumption can do for you.

Coffee Glossary

Ever wondered what people mean when they talk about 'body' and 'mouth feel'? Or how 'acidity' can be classed as a positive characteristic of a beverage? All is revealed in our Coffee Glossary, explanations for all the terms used in coffee cupping (or tasting for those of us non-coffee experts folk).