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Green Tea Health Benefits

8 Health Benefits of Green Tea

Posted On 06 Jan 2017
Green Tea has become such a popular drink in recent times that it is now a staple in many people’s homes and kitchens.  Known for its immensely powerful health benefits here are some of the many reasons why we love to drink it. 1. Green Tea is a rich source of Antioxidants... Read More
Cha Iced Tea

Cha Iced Tea Recipe For Summer

Posted On 30 May 2016
Tickle your tastebuds with a refreshing Iced Tea for a favourite summer cooling drink. Cha Pure Mint, Golden Mango, Earl Grey and Pure Green all make a refreshing and thirst quenching drink. To make is easy! 1. Brew your choice of Tea 1 teabag per cup of water and use filter water for... Read More
Green Tea Detox and Weight Loss
It’s a new year and so a very popular time for detoxing and undertaking a weight loss programme.   Green Tea which is known for its potent detoxifying properties and ability to help increase fat burning, is now a favourite as part of a daily routine for health conscious people.... Read More
One Lump or Two Tea Infographic
One Lump or Two - An excellent infographic with top tea facts & statistics at your fingertips.  Learn about the health benefits of drinking tea, the different types available, and how much tea we actually consume worldwide.  Enjoy! Explore more infographics like this one... Read More
Cha Tea

A Cupful of Tea Facts

Posted On 19 Jan 2015
A Cupful Of Tea Facts - a useful inforgraphic with a snapshot of interesting details on tea. A great opportunity to learn in seconds.   Find out which country produces the most tea, how it is served in different countries, the ideal brewing temperature and how much caffeine is... Read More
Cha Tea Christmas Recipes

Cha Tea Christmas Drink Recipes

Posted On 08 Dec 2014
Indulge and impress your friends with these delicious Cha Tea Christmas recipes. Using some of your favourite Cha flavours you can wow your visitors with Cha Mint Cream or Cha Berry Amaretto. Cha Mint Cream To make your Cha Mint Cream you will need: Cha Spring Mint... Read More
Rainforest Alliance Cha Tea
Did you know Cha Tea is environmentally friendly, ecologically sensitive and is certified and endorsed by the  Rain Forest Alliance. We are delighted to have our Cha Teas carry this certification which is identifiable with the little green frog logo, recognised around the world... Read More
Relaxing with tea
Are you feeling tired and moody and need something to help you relax?  Well did you know it is thought that 4 cups of tea could well be the answer to helping you reduce your stress levels.   In this short video,  Dr Catherine Hood a member of the Travel Advisory... Read More